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First American SIMPLE IRA

Now you can offer big-business retirement benefits to your employees without the cost or complication.

The First American SIMPLE (Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees) IRA is a retirement plan especially designed for companies that do not have a qualified plan and employ up to 100 employees. The First American SIMPLE IRA is flexible, cost-efficient and easy to administer.

Benefits of a First American SIMPLE IRA

  • Tax advantages - Your company contributions and expenses usually are tax-deductible. (See your tax advisor for details.) Also, your contributions to the plan and the growth of your investments are tax-deferred until withdrawal.
  • Minimal expenses and administration - There is no annual fee for a First American SIMPLE IRA, and administration and reporting requirements are... well, simple.
  • A flexible benefit - Flexible employer contributions range from a 1% to a 3% match of employees' contributions, or you can contribute a 2% contribution for all eligible employees, regardless of their participation.
  • Wide range of investment options - Each participant can choose from The First American Funds* to meet specific investment needs. First American Funds offers a wide array of investment options - from fixed income funds to aggressive small company stock funds.
  • Convenience - Payroll deductions make saving easy and hassle-free.

To learn more about your investment options, visit your nearest financial professional, or call 800-888-4700 to speak with one of our U.S. Bancorp Investment Specialists today.

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