Sending Money Online:

Various ways to get money to your student

College students need to pay for books, course fees, meals, incidentals and more – sometimes with little warning. When that happens, you’ll want a simple way to send money fast. Most banks offer various ways to send money electronically, either for a small fee or for free.

The following options are available to U.S. Bank customers:

  • If you’re a co-owner of the account, you can transfer money into it from another U.S. Bank account. Transfers are immediate and free of charge. You can also deposit checks into the account for a small fee using your computer and scanner or your iPhone®, iPad® or Android® smartphone.
  • U.S. Bank Pay A Person allows our customers to send money online and requires only the email address or mobile phone number of the recipient. And if you sign up ahead of time, you’ll be ready to send funds more quickly when the situation presents itself.

How to send money if your student is a U.S. Bank customer and you’re not

  1. Send a check, which your student can deposit at a U.S. Bank branch or by remote deposit.
  2. Mail a prepaid gift card.
  3. Stop by the nearest U.S. Bank branch and deposit money into your student’s account.